Sunday, November 18, 2012

Working Smarter: General Petraeus and Email Privacy

In my last post I focused on the need to ensure separation of personal and business matters in our lives. I spoke about General Petraeus and the affair he had apparently had with a colleague.

There has been much more written about the incident including those asking the question about Gmail and users' privacy. In the article titled, "Gmail, Privacy and General David Petraeus" the author, among other things, reveals how the good General and his mistress communicated using access to the same Gmail account and using the draft folder. The draft folder acted like a dead letter drop. Unfortunately, if you don't delete drafts, they are just as telling as any other email message.

It's an interesting article which I recommend you read if this topic interests you. Even the method I discussed last post about using a phoney Gmail account isn't fireproof, but it should still make it harder to find you only because nobody would be looking for an account under the phoney name.

I guess the real solution is not to put anything in writing or, if you must write, use a code that is difficult to crack or write in language and encrypt it. Delete unwanted messages.

What do you think about your email privacy? I've nothing to hide and do nothing wrong or illegal, so I don't really care who looks through my email archive. It would probably make them die from boredom.


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