Saturday, November 10, 2012

Working Smarter: Always Writing, Printing, Mailing, Cutting, Filing ...

By guest writer Andrew

It does not matter whether the office is small or large, it will require office stationery supplies to enable it to function effectively.

When setting up an office for the first time you will no doubt have purchased the likes of tables and chairs, filing cabinets, computers, printers, fax machine, a photo-copying machine and other essentials.

To support these things you will need various stationery office supplies such as a ready supply of note paper, photocopying paper, ink cartridges, paper clips, scissors, pens of various colours and types, staplers, staples, rulers, pencils, envelopes of varying sizes and styles and a white board to be used in team meetings.

If you were to pop into your local office stationery supplier and spend some time walking around you could probably fill your shopping trolley time after time, as the list is almost endless. This trip will prove invaluable because you will see items of stationery stacked on the shelves that will not have been on your initial stationery shopping list.

However, remain focused when selecting what you require, asking yourself on each occasion, “will we use this in the office?” If you are unsure, then do not purchase it as you can always come back in the coming weeks if you find that you do have the need to use that particular item of stationery.

If you are buying some things in bulk, like photo-copying paper, it may be a good idea to visit more than one supplier as the stationery market, like so many others, is very competitive and this favours the frugal consumer.

You will find that there is often more than one manufacturer of a particular stationery item such as photocopying paper of which there are also a number of grades of paper.

With such a huge variance in prices you need to do your research very carefully before making your selection. For instance, if you work in a solicitor’s office that types many letters to clients and other parties it is perhaps important that the quality of the paper being used that is sent to clients is of a superior standard to send out the right message about the professionalism of the firm.

Whatever supplies you need, make sure you draw up a budget and figure out what is essential so you can make the most of your money and equip the office with the vital items.


Andrew, a Brisbane based fellow who enjoys providing information in vast areas of topics around the World Wide Web. Currently associated with Signet as their online marketer. I've sent Andrew a complimentary copy of Guide to Letter Formatting and Writing.


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