Friday, October 12, 2012

Working Smarter: Thank Goodness for Clickbank

When I first started selling my e-books online, I needed to set up a payment processing system so that customers could purchase immediately from the convenience of their office or home using their computer.

At the time, I didn't have a lot of spare cash to devote to my Internet marketing activities which I'd set up mainly because I thought I was going to be made redundant in my job. When I visited a local bank to enquire about online transactions systems, they said I had to have a merchant banking account and an online payment processing account, both of which had base monthly charges which, at the time were quite steep. As I hadn't sold more than a few copies of my e-books, I was concerned that I would be paying out a hefty amount month in and month out while not making any sales ... a sure portent for business failure.

Initially, I asked people to do an EFT transfer into my bank account, to do a cash deposit into the same account, or to send me a cheque. This worked from 1998 to 2001 at which time my sales had increased and I needed a better solution. It was about that time I found Clickbank.

Clickbank charged a small set up fee and then only charged each time a transaction occurred; the principle of pay by use appealed to me because my costs for transaction processing were directly related to my sales. I wouldn't be paying fees those months I never made a sale.

During the 11 years I have been associated with Clickbank my monthly sales have gone up and down. Clickbank has always paid me when due and they value my business no matter how large or small it is. I still make sales through Clickbank and have also found third-party providers whose commissions are paid to me through my Clickbank account.

If you are a vendor wishing to sell something online that is digital, a membership or a service and you need a transaction processing partner, I highly recommend Clickbank. Clickbank is now well established, high credible, honest, and won't give you the flick if you have a bad month.

Go to Clickbank today and check out their offer. Click here.


PS: I had intended this article to be a recognition of my appreciation for Clickbank rather than a sales blurb, but reading through it, I note it is more of the latter. Sorry, I'm so accustomed to writing sales media.

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