Saturday, October 6, 2012

Working Smarter: Lifelong Education is Essential

Lifelong education is essential in a world that changes by the minute. As an adult educator, I referred to it as  "womb to tomb learning" and encouraged my students to adopt it as a standard for life. As most of my past students would know, I practise what I preach.

Thus, I have just ordered a copy of Power Stories by one of my favourite Australian entrepreneurs, Valeria Khoo for whom I have a great admiration.

According to her biography "Valerie Khoo is managing director of the Sydney Writers’ Centre. Since founding the centre in 2005, she has grown it from a one-person operation to a thriving centre featuring more than 30 of Australia’s top writing trainers/journalists/authors. It is now Australia’s leading centre for writing courses, offering both “classroom” and “online” courses to students around the world. In early 2012, she welcomed the Centre’s 10,000th student."

That's only a snapshot of a remarkable business woman who seems to have a finger in many pies including a number of blogs, both personal and a business entrepreneurship blog at the Sydney Morning Herald and other Australian newspapers.

Some of Valerie's courses at the Sydney Writer's Centre can be studied online and thus, she has an international student audience. 

While I follow Valerie weekly through her newsletter and blogs, I also include a continuous reading program as part of my lifelong learning activities. For example, in the last year or two I have read One Click by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and a title about Google (the name of which I can't recall) both of which discuss start-ups of the respective organizations. At present I am reading "How the West was Lost" by Dr Dambisa Moyo and "Obama's Wars" by Bob Woodward.

If, like me, you believe in lifelong learning, perhaps you should order a copy of Valerie's book which is hot off the press. For those many readers in the USA and Canada, it will give you an insight into Australian entreprenurialism.


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  1. I might add that I usually only buy digital books ie, e-books. However, Valerie's book is in old fashioned hard copy, so I'm having to buy a hard copy this time.


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