Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Working Smarter: Best Practice Local Government Signage

Every so often I see something that indicates attention to detail and an intention to do something just that bit better.

My fellow caravaner and good friend Peter sent me a photo he had taken of a sign he found somewhere in Western Australia.

The signage indicates that the local scenic drive and roads to St Georges Beach are caravan friendly. This probably means that the roads aren't so rough as would cause your caravan to fall to pieces, that there is ample safe parking and maneuverability of the vehicles is not impaired.

I've only been towing a caravan for the past month or so in Victoria and New South Wales and haven't seen one of these signs. Nor have I driven into a dead-end street and had to reverse out (dread the thought). What I have done, is park in Yarrawonga in a specially provided caravan parking place. This space was sufficiently long for my car and 25 foot caravan to park parallel with the kerb. There was a pole mounted sign I had to avoid while parking and pulling out, but the parking spot was greatly appreciated. It's either that or walk several kilometres to go shopping.

With the large number of people travelling about Australia in RVs and others towing caravans and fifth wheelers, local government and other traffic engineering bodies need to do more for that increasing group. This type of signage is helpful and of course indicative of thoughtful best practice.

All we need now is for it to become more common.


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