Saturday, October 27, 2012

Working Smarter: 10 Key Tips to Keeping a Clean Home Office

by guest writer Karen Miller

The home office is a room that most guests will never see, but it is still important to keep it clean. An organized office helps to keep you motivated and on track with your work. A messy space is distracting and can result in a lengthy and exhausting cleaning session, as well as avoiding the room as much as possible.

Take 10 Minutes a Day
Staying ahead of a mess helps to keep things clean and organized with minimal effort. Taking just 10 minutes each day to make sure that things are put away, the desk is clear and trash is empty makes a world of difference.

Wipe Down Your Computer
Dust covering a computer screen can be distracting and it can also create a glare that can be quite annoying. Since screens can sometimes be sensitive, it is important to wipe them off using a microfiber cloth. All you have to do is grab the cloth and wipe the dust away.

Get the Surface Stains
At least once a week, you want to clear your desk and other tables and clean away surface stains and dust. If you have a heavy monitor, this can stay and you will just clean around it. Remove everything that is easy to move.

Keep Cleaning Wipes Close
Cleaning wipes can be used to quickly catch spills, dust or anything else that needs to be cleaned up. You can put these in a desk drawer so that you can easily grab one when needed. This will prevent things from building up.

Know What to Keep
Things like birth certificates, bank account information, tax records, deed, warranties and other things that you will likely need to refer to in the future should be kept. These should be well-organized in their own file folders so that you can quickly put your hands on them when needed.

Know What to Toss
Things like bill receipts, bank statements and ATM records should be kept for a short period of time and then they can be tossed. An even better option is to scan these into computer files so that you can eliminate all paper clutter.

Floors and Rugs
While your desk area is the most important thing to keep clean and organized, dirty floors and rugs can harm your productivity too. Just once a week, you should vacuum rugs and polish the wood floors. This should not take long and it is not a daily thing so it is not inconvenient.

Window Coverings
Window coverings can become dust traps and too much dust can make the atmosphere not so pleasant. The last thing you want to do is try to work through sneezing fits. Curtains can be tossed in the washer and dryer a couple of times per month and blinds can be wiped off once or twice a month.

Keep it Fresh
Things like an air freshener, fresh flowers and potpourri can help to keep the office fresh. Using energizing scents like lemon can help to boost your motivation and creativity.

Once a Year
Once a year you will want to deep clean your office to prevent any long-term buildup. Things like washing the windows, taking care of any wall stains, deep dusting everything and scrubbing the floors can be done at this time. It should take a few hours, but once it is done, you are done for a year and can enjoy a space that promotes productivity.


About the Author: Karen Miller has been writing about cleaning tips online for over 10 years for companies like Terminix termite exterminators. When not writing, you can find Karen working on her garden or training at the gym for her next marathon. Karen has been sent a complimentary copy of my e-book "Guide to Letter Formatting and Writing".

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  1. I've seen some offices that were apalling. There is a small lighting shop where I live and every time I enter it I think the stock is going to fall off the walls and crash onto the floors. It's chock-block full of stock and hardly anywhere to stand.


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