Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Working Smarter: A Comedy of Errors

Today I received a telephone call from an organisation of which I am a member and receive an annual membership card. A nice-sounding young lady asked me, "Is that Mr HenEry?"

I said, "It's Mr Henry, yes."

She, "Can you tell me what your postal address is please?"

Me, "Yes, I can, but why do you want it?"

"Oh, we sent your membership card to your post office box and it was returned, 'unknown at this address'."

"What address did you send it to?", I asked. She replied with an address that was different from mine by one digit.

Me, "The correct address is on my application form ... do you have that?"

She, "Yes" Me, "What does it say?" She read me the correct number and I said, "That is the address, why would you send it to a different address?"

A short pause, "Someone must have made a mistake."

Me, "Would you like to check the rest of the details while I'm on the phone eg, how did you spell my surname on the new card?" She, "H-E-N-E-R-Y". I said, "How is it spelled on my application form?" "H-E-N-R-Y", she replied.

Me, "Well, the card you have this year is incorrect like the one I received last year. When you correct it, please send it to the address shown on my form."

She agreed and as she hung up, I couldn't but help to whisper "Moron".

Doesn't anyone pay attention to detail these days?

I've been writing my name and address on application forms, letters and much more for at least 50 years. I don't get it wrong and my printing is drafts-person quality. If this employee had only looked at my application form, she would not have had to call me and let me know that someone in her organisation is incompetent.

Have you had similar experiences to this? What do you think is the solution?


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  1. Nobody cares about doing jobs right these days. Many seem to think that a half-hearted job is enough or that they don't get paid enough to do good work. It's very sad.

    Testing the comment form ... Robin


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