Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working Smarter: Social Media. Friend of Foe?

Social media has been claimed by some as the new panacea for businesses to engage with clients and prospective clients to increase sales. But as some firms have found, the law of unexpected consequences can turn good to disasterous at the press of a key.

Earlier this year Australia's airline QANTAS asked a question about it's customer service on Facebook and was inundated with complaints from unhappy passengers. McDonald's also ran into trouble this year when it invited customers to share their experiences on Twitter. Both organisations had to go into crisis mode and hose down the bad press that was increasing by the hour.

When I worked with Westpac Banking Corporation a decade or so ago, there was a group of employees whose sole job it was to surf the Internet to find out what people were saying about Westpac and associated companies. Forwarned was forearmed.

So, what should you do? Keep an eye on who is saying what about your firm. A few posts back I spoke about Google Alert, you can use Google Alert to alert you when your firm's name is written online. Maintain vigilance if you have social media sites and respond immediately to critical commentary, either positive or negative.

Don't ask clients in an open forum a question unless you are sure that the answer will be positive.

Have you had a negative experience with social media or other media commentary about you or your organisation? Tell us about your experience.


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