Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Smarter: Have Marketing Methods Changed Forever?

Do you think the traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete?

An article by sales motivational speaker Jeffrey Gitomer appeared in our local newspaper, the Centralian Advocate yesterday in which he suggests that video is the new everything; the sales brochure, the email, the proposal, the training manual, and more.

Gitomer says that electronic text and video will take over the role of books and written media. At present there's plenty of evidence to the effect that written media is being overtaken by electronic media. After all, I use a Kindle and sell e-books and my wife and many people I know have moved to Kindle or alternative e-book readers, iPads, iPhones and so on as well. It's definitely becoming a digital world. However, I'm not so sure about video.

It may happen in future that video becomes the norm as products like Facetime, already on the Apple iPhone, become more popular. But I think it's going to be some time before video takes over completely. I see video as more of an alternative or complement to existing methods.

When I surf to an Internet site and a video begins to run, I usually click away from the page. Someone else's video uses my bandwidth, which in the Australian outback, is still expensive and I get annoyed that I don't have a say in whether I see the presentation or not.

Other times I have watched over-lengthy sales blurbs on video and become bored part way through. At least in written sales blurbs I can skim over the content and go straight to the purchase link to see what the price is. That's the usual way I "read" sales landing pages.

While there is obviously some truth in what Gitomer says, I don't believe we will have an all video world for some decades to come. What do you think?



  1. J Andersen8:50 AM

    I agree, it may happen in future, but at present people still like to read stuff.

  2. Thanks for commenting JA. Video has a number of problems with it that written word doesn't have eg, it commonly doesn't have advance organisers ie, something that tells you what you will see and where the video will take you. People like to work from the global (whole) view to the specific view. I guess to some extent it depends on the video producer how the content runs.


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