Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working Smarter: Do it Yourself Internet Sites

For small businesses without huge amounts of capital, creating an Internet site can be difficult. But there are some relatively inexpensive options I discuss in this post.

In 1998 I enrolled in a university subject called, "Internet design and development" and the software product I used was called Dreamweaver. Despite the course and a solid software program, it still took me a while to learn design standards, to use the program and become passably proficient. Creating a site took several days.

Since then I have discovered numerous other options for producing Internet sites that cater for different needs. For example, some people, like me want a high degree of control over how I build my sites. Other people want to follow a sequence using "containers" into which they simply place graphics or text and don't have to concern themselves with format and design. Others only want a one or two page site that gives contact details. If you fit into one of these categories, here are some solutions I have found that are cost-effective and efficient:

Global Domains International (For an Internet presence)

GDI is suitable for those who want to have a two or three page site online inside an hour. For a crazy $10 USD per month you get your own domain name ie, (subject to availability) and site hosting where you can either transfer your own site code (more advanced users) or use templates provided by GDI.

You can also earn a commission income from sign-ups to GDI if you want to make a business of it too. However, you need a lot of signups to make a decent income at 10% per month from each sign-up. GDI has a free 14 day trial you can access here.

Sitesell's Site Build It! (Full professional site with SEO assistance)

Sitesell provides "container" template sites. You choose the site design and format you prefer and after logging in, place whatever content you want wherever you want it. When you save your site, it automatically updates and your site looks like a professionally designed site.

Sitesell sites cost $299 USD per year (less than $1 per day) with an option to pay monthly. You can see some real-world case studies here.

What Sitesell does that no other hosted web site does is provide search engine optimization support. Sitesell staff work full time to get your site optimized for search engines ... this is where your traffic comes from and traffic = sales.

Check out Sitesell.

XSitePro Total Site Management Software (For those who want complete control or want to learn site development)

XSite Pro TSM is for those who want an inexpensive software program that will generate professional Internet sites within minutes (literally). It's suitable for those wanting to have complete control over their sites and who wish to do their own site development. Alternatively, you can buy the software and have someone else do the grunt work.

This software comes with hundreds of templates and excellent design features far too many to discuss here. Much of the work is point, select and click eg, when you insert affiliate links. I use XSitePro for my site development and have never been disappointed.

How much do you think you would pay for this type software? It's normally $279 USD with no ongoing costs, but at present is on sale for much less at $197. If you need this type of site, the time to buy is certainly now as this product is worth much more than $279. At $197 it's a steal.

Find out about XSitePro here.

There are of course numerous other options including hiring an Internet development pro to create your site. These are probably the best options for those on a tight budget.

Are you using a similar type product to generate your sites? Tell us about them by commenting.



  1. David Kean8:17 AM

    Which of these products do you have Robin?

  2. Thanks for your question David. I had a Sitesell site, but although I found it excellent, I needed more control than it allowed, so I didn't re-sign. I have a GDI site at and I use XSitePro for management of my other site. See

    Hope this helps.



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