Saturday, June 16, 2012

Working Smarter: Is Business Courtesy an Anachronism?

I've believed for a long while now that business courtesy is an anachronism. Courtesy was once common, but today it seems to be evident by its absence.

Recently I submitted a response to a Request for Quotation and the organization that made the request never bothered to tell me they had received my response. In fact, I've heard nothing from them. This is not an isolated case.

On very rare occasions I lodge a complaint or write to a firm for some other reason. Most often, I don't even receive a reply, even when I'm trying to buy something or hire them to do something. When I do receive a reply, quite often it is days or weeks afterwards.

My friends and colleagues tell me that they have the same problem with job applications they submit; never hear a thing after they submit their application.

Given that most businesses use email to communicate, how difficult is it to send either an ad hoc email or even an automatically generated email simply to acknowledge receipt and thank people for contacting your organisation? It's not all that hard.

If yours is a progressive organisation that values client contact, I suggest you review your communication policy to ensure that you are being courteous to those who bother to contact you for something. Especially when people are enquiring about the goods or services you sell, you can't afford to drop the ball. Dropping the ball could mean losing a sale. And you never know how big the lost sale may have been or how many people your potential client will tell about your woeful performance.

What has been your experience in dealing with firms? Do they reply? Who are the top performers?


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