Monday, June 18, 2012

Working Smarter: Best Marketing Tips and Practices for 2012

The best way of marketing is possible by creating an impact on the customers. One of the ways to do this is advertising your business through social media. It plays a vital role in marketing your business. For this purpose the business site should be seen on the first page of the search. 

SEO Company UK has a good grip on such social media optimisation. This helps in displaying your company’s site on the first page of the search engine. Below are some valuable tips and practices for the best ways of marketing your company:
  1. Personalised interaction: The process of sending mails is not a new thing; however the way of communicating makes a lot of difference. Use a group for a particular kind of customers. Send them mails in a pleasing manner.
  2. FAQ: Create a page that shows the information regarding the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). Through this page customers can clear their doubts by just reading the page. They may not need to contact again for doubt clearance.
  3. Social Media: This is one of the recent powerful weapons being used for online marketing. Customers get updated information to a large extent through social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.
  4. Convey a message: When a business executive want to market a product through advertising then, make the way of conveying impressive. This can be done by showing some story or lesson. By this we can increase the impact of the advertisement on the customers.
  5. Irresistible offer: Marketing can be better and more compelling by enticing the customers with great offers. This will encourage customers to act on impulse and perceive value. The offer should be in such a manner that will be beneficial for both manufacturer and the customer
  6. Customer is the King: The customer can act as the brand ambassador for the company through product satisfaction and by sharing their positive views with others. This results in viral marketing. There is no need of doing anything as the marketing of the product is done on its own.
  7. Boosting the customer: If the product that has been launched is new, the customer might hesitate to buy it. In such a situation the customer can be boosted by explaining the advantages of the product or its valuable usage in the society.
  8. Fixing a deadline: The customers can be attracted even through this strategy. When a deadline is set informing the customers that a particular offer ends by a particular period it creates curiosity in customers targeting them in buying the products on impulse.

Posted by guest writer Kate Ford of IQ Channels with many thanks from Robin.

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  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I always thought the FAQ page was an indication that a firm's documentation was so insufficient that they had to follow up with FAQ. It should also be called Frequently Answered Questions


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