Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Working Smarter: Why you should be outsourcing

The smaller your business, the fewer people among whom the total workload can be distributed. If you are a sole trader like me, you are it ... responsible for everything. If you don't do it, it doesn't get done.

Outsourcing some of your work can be an ideal way to reduce your workload and increase cost-effectiveness and general operational efficiency. If you are an excellent plumber, you don't want to waste valuable time doing monthly accounts do you?

The secret to outsourcing is to outsource things that someone else can do better and cheaper. For example, if you hire a bookkeeper, you can give your monthly source documents to them and spend the time you would have spent processing them, on more cost effective work. Hopefully they will be able to process them more accurately and more quickly than you could.

It's also a good idea to outsource those tasks you simply hate doing or don't know how to do. Things like Search Engine Optimization or graphic design might not be your forte.

With an increasing number of overseas providers operating from low cost countries, it's easy to hire someone to do your work.

I had a friend who hired a couple of school kids after school to enter customer details into the firm's client management system. He had nobody to do the job and the school kids did it for bargain basement (but legal) rates.

Here's an exercise for you. Write a list of all those things you do and identify tasks that could be outsourced. Do a search on the web and see who is available and how much it costs. You might be surprised.



  1. Wendy Dingle1:49 PM

    Outsourcing's a good idea if you can afford it, but many of us can't, se we have got to do the work ourselves.

  2. Wendy, I agree. You definitely have to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether you should outsource. If you can't afford it, then it doesn't make sense.

    Thanks for comment Wendy.


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