Friday, May 25, 2012

Working Smarter: Memorial Day Brings Great Discount Offers

I'm told that for some reason, on Memorial Day there are more discount sales offers than on all the other holidays and special days including Father's Day, Valentine's Day etc. I'm at a loss to understand why, but I did some searching around and found that at least one organization offers 25% off all it's products just for the Memorial Day weekend.
On Memorial Day 2011 that organization had it's highest holiday transaction rates for the year. Which organization is it? It's the firm behind the X range of Internet marketing products that commenced with the XSitePro total site management software system that has made it easy for Internet marketers (like me) to pump out professional sites quickly, easily and effectively.

Going out at a 25% discount this weekend are the following great products:

XSitePro - Total Site Management software. It downloads to your desktop and you use it to pump out web sites with professional graphics and quick links to affiliate programs, transaction providers and much more. The level of automation with this program makes it excellent for online commerce applications

XCommentPro - Lets users generate content at the drop of a hat (or push of a button) for sales sites, email or other applications.

XHeaderPro - Has hundreds (or is it thousands?) of header graphics you can quickly turn into a header for a new site, viral ebook etc. (I use it for my ebooks and have built a number of sites with XHeaderPro headers ... they are cully editable and can be customised.

Website Training - As the title suggests, there is a "Complete Guide" series that will step you through building websites for Internet marketing and other commercial purposes. You could use it to train for a future career.

Traffic Training - Another Complete Guide, but this one teaches you all about search engine optimization and increasing traffic to your site.

XSitePro Club - A gold mine of resources for Internet marketers, designers, and anyone else who dabbles in the art of making money online.

Freebies - As I write this post, I am using XMailWrite, a free text editing program that is intended for those writing multiple email messages to use in autoresponders, but which has much wider application. Totally free. If you do nothing else, visit the site and download this or one of the other freebies. It's good quality stuff at the best possible price ... free!

All you need do to check out these remarkable products at a 25% discount is visit Paul's Facebook page and pick up a discount coupon. Do it now before you forget or you will regret it. I promise.


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  1. To get the discount you have to pick up a coupon from Paul's site. He emails it to you.


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