Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working Smarter: Focus on Three Elements of Leadership

There is a cornucopia of information about leadership available on and off line. Unfortunately, most small business people don't have time to read it and therefore many don't have developed leadership skills. But all is not lost, there is a quick, easy way to view one's leadership responsibilities. It's expressed by a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles.

This model of leadership focuses on three aspects of leadership: the Group, the Task and Individuals within an organisation. It's a very simple proposition and an excellent starting place for new managers who lack management experience.

The model suggests that a manager's time should be spent attending to each of these elements to varying degrees depending on the demands. For example, if there is an urgent task that needs doing by a deadline, all efforts focus on getting the task done. When the tasks are rolling along without any need for urgent attention, then it is time to do some group or individual work.

Group work might involve a social occasion eg, a barbecue lunch, or a training activity. Individual efforts involve getting to know your team, interacting with each and every member and perhaps running your performance management program.

No matter what size your firm, there's an opportunity to work between these three elements to ensure that your leadership is seen to be inclusive. Neglecting any one of the elements can be a disaster or at least, result in lower levels of performance than desirable.

What is leadership like in your organization? Is any time spent on group maintenance? Do managers make an effort to get to know at least some of the employees?



  1. M Douglas9:29 AM

    Interesting abbreviated approach to leadership. It doesn't cover all aspects, but is probably a good start. I'll try it with my team.

  2. Mr/Ms Douglas ... try it and let us know how it goes please.


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