Saturday, May 12, 2012

Working Smarter: Innovate and Be a Winner

When a Central Australian nursery business decided to create an on-site coffee shop, the owner had no idea how successful it would become.

Today, the coffee shop has "morphed" into an alternative style cafe that has a constant stream of customers, many from local businesses who meet for coffee and a mini-conference or just get together socially. The place is abuzz with activity. In fact it's so busy, it's often hard to get a seat there.

Last year I took my team there for lunch on the last work day before the Christmas holiday break. We sat outside (even though it is hot in December) under the shade of a huge tree and enjoyed a nice meal while discussing the past year and what we intended to do this year. It was very pleasant being surrounded by lovely green pot plants, shrubs and colourful garden accoutrements, although I have a historic hatred of gnomes, you know, those silly little cement figures people install in their gardens.

Although the core function of Bloomin Deserts is to sell garden supplies and plants, I expect the cafe would be pulling in a handsome amount of income. An excellent example where innovation has paid off.

There are numerous cases of businesses that have been innovative in finding complementary business activities to capture a greater share of income. Innovation can create winners.



  1. David Eckles8:16 PM

    I've had a few cups of coffe there and the occasional feed. It's a nice place to go.

  2. I agree David. I always enjoy dropping in for a coffee and a chat with some of the staff.

    Thanks for taking time to comment.


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