Saturday, March 24, 2012

Working Smarter: You Do Have a Sales Chain Strategy Don't You?

A mistake many of us make in business is focusing on just this sale. Before we make any sales, we should also be focusing on related future sales as part of a sales chain strategy. This is particularly relevant for online sellers.

What we need to ask ourselves is "If someone buys product "A", what additional products might they need as a logical consequence of that purchase?"

There are numerous online vendors who demonstrate this really well. For example sells the range of Internet hosting, domain and other products. When you buy a domain name, immediately after the sales process you are redirected to pages with multiple additional options eg, domain name privacy options, hosting for your new domain, search engine and statistics analysis features, a web-site building software package and so on. Even if a few of Godaddy's customers buy additional products, the firm makes the sales at a relatively low cost all from the one original purchase.

Computer sales firms also have a similar, although static system. When you buy a computer with pre-loaded software they stuff it with third party software like MS Office Suite, Norton's Anti-Virus etc all of which provides a short term trial. At the end of the term you are encouraged to subscribe or purchase. The computer firm no doubt gets a kickback on all subscriptions or sales.

If you have a business that sells something, it makes sense to at least give some thought to a Sales Chain Strategy. If you can find a logical chain of products or services, make sure you find some way to implement them after every sale.


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  1. As I try to practice what I preach, I'm reviewing my sales strategy to reinvigorate my sales chain, which has slipped a little due to lack of work on my part.

    Have you reviewed yours?


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