Friday, March 2, 2012

More About Domain Names

Your domain name does a lot more than tell people where to find your Internet site. It doubles up as a search term or keyword. For that reason alone, it is worth getting a domain name that is also your key word search term. Here's an example:

Sally Morrish sells pet supplies in Sydney. She hasn't been in business for long, so she doesn't have a brand presence. If she bought a domain name like, nobody would ever search for it looking for pet supplies unless they knew her name. Very unlikely.

If she tried to buy the domain, she'd find it has already been taken. However, she can put something else with pet-supplies that hasn't been taken and still include the key words "pet supplies". Say she used, How would she fare? You already know the answer!

Now, the catch is this. If Sally wants to sell outside Sydney, she can still use sydney-pet-supplies and hedge her bets by including the keyword Sydney and the key phrase pet supplies.

The message here for anyone about to get a domain name is to think about what is best for your business and what is available. A keyword domain name is more valuable than something obscure.

If you were a big name professional, say a photographer who was well known by name, like Steve Strike, you can get away with using your name as the domain name eg, If not, go for the keyword or words that best describe your business or service.

I wish I had known about that when I set up my domain name in 1998.

Do you have your own domain name? Share it with us.


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