Sunday, February 26, 2012

Improve Business Image with a Domain Name Email Address

When I'm given a business card, see an advertisement for a business or otherwise find business details that use a Hotmail, Gmail or ISP email address like, I immediately wonder how good the business is. After all, what real business can't afford a domain name?

There are numerous benefits to having your own domain name. One of them is that your domain name becomes your email name. For example,  Westpac Banking Corporation, a leading Australian financial institution has the domain name It has over 30,000 employees (huge for an Australian company, but miniscule in relation to some US companies.) All of these employees use an email address something like: When you want information you use an email address

What would you think of Westpac if its information was provided through an address like Would you be concerned at just how good the firm was? How miserable it was? I would be wondering why it has to use a free email account.

If you are serious about your business and wish to promote a professional image, I highly recommend you get a domain name you can use for your business email. Here are a few options I have researched that are really inexpensive, but easy to set up:

GoDaddy will enable you to set up ONE email address on it's top of the range server installation for as little as $0.99 USD per month. For 10 different addresses and unlimited storage, it's $2.49 per month at its cheapest. With this option you will also need your own domain name. a Dot Com name will cost you just a bit over $10 per year.

When you get your email addresses, you can have incoming email sent anywhere you like, to Gmail, Hotmail, MS Outlook or to any other email address. Or, use Go Daddy's webmail to access your email. It's your choice.

Ilisys, based in Perth, Western Australia is an excellent option for Australian residents who would prefer to deal with an ISP in Australia rather than someone like Go Daddy which is in the USA. I use both and they are excellent.

If you have an Australian Registered Business, you may wish to have a domain with the suffix Dot.Com.Au. If this is the case Ilisys can help you with a domain name and the email plan, both inexpensive options.

Global Domains International (I am affiliated with this site)

GDI provides limited hosting and web pages eg, a few pages that provide information about you or your firm and contact details etc, and a domain name of your choice (pending availability) for a ridiculous $10 US per month. If you don't want the Dot WS domain suffix, I understand you can choose an alternative at no additional cost.


If you or your business do not have a dedicated email address associated with your business, you are sending the wrong message to your customers or clients. Choose one of the options above and do something about it today.

Preferaby choose a domain name that is a keyword for your site or business eg, "" is far better than because more people will search for the former than the latter. Give some thought to your domain name and how it will be viewed by and found by customers.


PS: If you decide to set up a domain name with GDI or Ilisys and want help getting your Internet site set up, please email me to arrange. Email: ws @ (without the spacing).


  1. I forgot to mention also that most email accounts have a "catch all" facility which picks up typographic errors and other errors in the prefix of your email address eg, if your email address is and someone sends it to, it will still arrive at your inbox. This doesn't happen with free or ISP related email addresses.

  2. Very good advice Robin, thank you. I thought it would be a lot more expensive to get a domain name, but now that I know better, I will get one soon.

    Thyanks for another good post.

  3. Belated thanks for your comment James.


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