Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Good is Your USP?

Every business needs a Unique Selling Proposition. That's what separates one business from every other business.

If you haven't already looked, look at the advertisement on the left which appeared in a local online news medium. Alexia lists her selling propositions as:

"Australian born European flair", "Elegant, sexy and playful", "34 years old", "Sz 10/34E", but are they unique? I doubt it. I have no idea what European flair is, perhaps there's something in Europe people do in bed I'm unaware of. The age and size don't mean much either, unless you are fanatical about women who are size 10 or exactly 34 years of age. My guess is that most men simply want someone female with a pulse and a half decent body.  There's probably tens of thousands of prostitutes in Australia who fit similar dimensions, so Alexia's selling propositions aren't unique.

A USP is exactly that. Something your business does that is unique. "We provide a free box of ice creams with every refrigerator" would probably be a USP for a firm that sells refrigerators. It's debatable whether it would help sell any additional refrigerators, but it's a good example.

Do you have a USP for your business? If so, how good is it?

Now for a bit of humour, you may enjoy my short article about "Squash and The USP of the Older Man" which I posted here: . It's a tongue in cheek article with a touch of humour and also reveals the USP I use with women ... especially younger women. If you are a woman, this could be a good instruction on how to avoid the advances of older men.


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  1. I wonder whether the photo is genuine or whether Alexia looks entirely different.

    She's probably in a business that does well with or without a USP, although I do prefer Asian myself.

  2. Strangely, I have a penchant for Asian women too. Thanks for your comment.


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