Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guaranteed: How to Lose Sales

One of the best ways guaranteed to lose sales is by not providing prompt replies to customer email enquiries.

I was reminded of this yet again when I emailed an Australian lottery company to enquire about my account. It's as though my email message has disappeared into the ether. It's over a week now and I haven't had a response.

If there's anything that makes me unhappy, it is being ignored by firms with whom I'm ready to spend money. Unfortunately, this firm has a monopoly and that may be why they don't care about my enquiry.

Not answering customers' email is guaranteed to lose sales. Why would you do business with someone who either doesn't care about it's customers or hasn't got the ability to run a modern, efficient email response system?

Get someone to test your email response system and see how good it is. If it's not providing timely responses, you need to address the issue.

These days you can set up autoresponders that reply immediately after receiving an incoming email. The smart approach is to include answers to common queries or at least links eg, to your current sales catalogue. Give your clients something and another link to contact you if what you have sent doesn't answer their request. If they email you a second time, make sure you answer within a suitable period ... the sooner the better.

Client contact is important and when they email you, they are setting up a relationship with you and your organisation. Take the opportunity to develop that relationship into a whole of life supplier - client relationship. Don't underestimate the value of life-time relationships.

So, what are you doing today? Checking your email system or just crossing your fingers and hoping everything will all be fine?


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  1. Update: I still haven't heard from the lottery firm, so I guess I'm not going to hear anything ever.

    Great customer service.


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