Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does Your Business Need a Makeover?

When I drove by one of our local businesses recently, I saw an old, faded sign that had once proudly announced the business. I wondered why, if the senior manager or operative of the business walks into the entrance every day, he or she doesn't see the same tired old sign I saw and think about rejuvenating it.

Signage doesn't last forever as the example Coca Cola sign at left suggests. Like changes in fashion, colour schemes, office layouts, signage, uniforms, and other artifacts of a businesses image all begin to be dated and need updating. A new, modern colour scheme and style, a new company shirt can all do wonders to a firm's image.

There is a whole study about how colour affects people's behaviour ... positively and negatively. Just the colour a firm uses for its logo or uniform can make a world of difference.

I remember walking into the office of a law firm and seeing bare walls. Not a photo, painting or anything on any of the walls. It looked more like a mortuary than an office place. I asked the owner why there were no paintings and he said he wanted to create an image of professionalism and seriousness. I think he was just too cheap to invest in a few lovely paintings that would have brightened up the place and made people feel more at home.

You can bet your life that when people like Joe Kennedy III (grandson of JF Kennedy) runs for Congress, he will be surrounded by colours intended to make people feel good and vote for him. Politicians have been aware of the benefits of colour for years.

Take this opportunity to stand back and have a look at your business or organisation and see whether it needs a bit of a rejuvenation? Tell us what you find. Does it look energetic and interesting, or dull and boring?



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