Thursday, November 3, 2011

Know Your Place in Your Organisation

When you begin a new job, it’s often confusing if you haven’t got a big picture view of where you sit in the organization and where your department or work unit fits. If you don’t know something about your internal environment, it can be very difficult working to your optimum level.

All work units have dependent and independent relationships. You can discover some of these by studying the organizational structure chart of an organisation.

Almost all firms have an organizational chart. Organizational charts give a graphical view of an organization much more readily than can be given verbally. In a glance you can see how many people there are, what the different departments are, how many levels there are in the hierarchy, and where you sit in relation to others.

Another good use is when you need to find someone or information about something. Need to know who to call in the Sales Department? Look at the organizational chart and it will most likely have a name or at least a position.

It’s good practice to view an organization’s structure chart before you apply for a job. It gives you an idea at the outset about the size and complexity of the organization in which you are interested. It could frighten you away, or make you feel that this company is for you.

When I was recruiting I always provided prospective applicants with a link to my employer’s organizational chart so they could decide if they really wanted to come and work with us. The better informed applicants are, the less chance there is that they will leave shortly after they have commenced work.

Whatever you do, always use the organization chart to your advantage.


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