Saturday, October 15, 2011

Business Intelligence - Finding Out About New Product Launches

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I have a smart colleague, an Internet marketer who follows Mark Twain's dictum of, "Figure out where the people are going and get there first".

He wrote to me today saying that he goes to newsagents on the first day magazines are released and after identifying new products he can sell, rushes off home and produces a sales page on his site. Because many of the people who read the magazine check out the links, the search term is popular and his link gets picked up. He makes sales.

This approach won't work for every business, but the principle is the same; have an active business intelligence program to find out what is happening in your industry and how you can benefit from it.

Case Study

I did exactly that when I heard that financial processing merchant PayPal was moving to Australia. I guessed that there would be many Australians entering search terms like "PayPal Australia" so I bought a domain name called and set up a sales page. I was already a client of PayPal and an affiliate, so the sales page contains links to PayPal.

Now, I don't make millions from my page, but I get a constant trickle of income from sign-up commissions and trailing commissions for 12 months. They keep my PayPal account topped up.

Look around for similar opportunities. Let us know about any opportunities you find and how you found them.



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