Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have You Got a Data Loss Plan?

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One day my hard disk drive decided to throw in the towel. It just stopped working. No matter how hard I tried, it was dead and was staying dead. I contacted a hard disk recovery company who provided me with an exhorbitant quote to "try" to get my data back with absolutely no guarantee.

I was shocked. Numerous photos, graphics, documents and much more were on that hard disk and could never, ever be recovered. As I looked at the piece of metal, I thought of how delicate all those binary digits are that stored so much work and memories. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that at the time, I was teaching computing to TAFE students and one of my catch cries was "Backup, backup, backup!" If only I had followed my advice. Well, I had, but I had not backed-up often enough to recover all of the data.
According to Chris Crum, "The Carbonite study, which surveyed 130 small business owners in August 2011, revealed that 81 percent of small businesses consider data to be their organization's most valuable asset. While this is the case, more than half (57 percent) do not have a plan to protect it."
So, the message is, you need to have a solid backup and recovery strategy. You can do this fairly easily by having automatic backup systems incorporated into your computer systems. Alternatively, you can do it online by having your data sent to an online repository.

Whatever you decide, you simply must have a robust backup and recovery program for your business.


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