Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't Underestimate the Value of Your Domain Name

How would you feel if you were the proud owner of your firm's domain, and one day it expired and someone else bought it? Would you be annoyed?

Would you be any more annoyed to find that the person who bought it had auctioned it and earned a whopping $100,000 for it? All because you had let your registration of the Universal Resource Locator lapse.

There is big money in domain names. When domain names first hit the market, some well-heeled people purchased hundreds or thousands of them with generic names eg,, and others that might be in demand. Why? Because each domain name is unique. Once it's taken by someone, it's taken. Scarcity creates competition ... competition creates demand and demand creates willingness to pay.

Here's a true story of a person who let his domain name expire, only to have it auctioned for $125,000 by someone else. Do you think he's crying in his milk?

Don't understimate the value of your domain name. Look after it and if you wish to let it expire, at least try to sell it off before you do.



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