Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working Smarter with Google's Gmail

Over the past few years I have become a great fan of Gmail. I use it for 90% of my email activity both private and business and as a highly demanding email client ie, one that knows and uses most features, I find it perfect for what I need.

Gmail has too many features to discuss here, but you can rest assured, whatever you need, Gmail has it ... and more. It even has a game included. I'm a bit past computer games, but that just shows you how extensive are the features. Among the many features it has, perhaps the best is it is being improved daily.

Google has an innovative practice whereby it's employees are given free time to develop off-project software and processes. So, not only is a team of smart geeks working on Gmail improvement week in and week out, but other technologically gifted staffs are working at adding plugins that do more or resolve perceived weaknesses. The outcome is a fantastic system used by millions of people.

The ability to send email from Gmail and make it appear to the recipient that it came from a different account is very useful. It can't be used to deceive recipients eg,by sending spam from a dud address, but it does mean you can use it for business and private use very easily but still receive all your email at the once place. 

Gmail has all the filters, labelling capacity and storage space you will ever need. You can use templates and graphics, retain lists of contacts, and it integrates well with other Google features such as Google Calendar, Documents and much more.

If I use Gmail for 90% for my private and business email, what do I use for the other 10 %. Stay tuned and next week I'll tell you what I use and why.


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