Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Communication Improves Your Image

Good communication improves your image and is essential for a successful business entrepreneur.

Look at it this way. If your communication is poor, people will think that whatever your core business is will also be poor. If you run a plumbing and draining business and exhibit poor communication, some people will think if you can't communicate correctly, how will you ever do a good plumbing job.

Communication is part of customer service ... it includes written communication, oral communication face to face via telephone. We also communicate by body language ... the signals we send to others and how they perceive them. Today I want to focus on written communication eg, quotes you send, letters, tax invoices, emails, and all the other things that are written.

Business communication is an area that I have focused on for nearly 30 years, teaching it in TAFE and industry. Most recently I taught it to Diploma of Applied Business and Technology students in the United Arab Emirates. While in the Emirates, I stumbled upon a software program called WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke is the world's leading English editing and correction software. As if that isn't enough, it also translates into a number of different languages. Imagine how useful that was to my students, all of whom were Emiratis who speak Arabic as their native language.

If you communicate as part of your business role, are a student writing assignments, a medical or legal specialist writing medical research or legal opinions, WhiteSmoke provides a version suitable for you. You can even set the editor to the level of difficulty you want eg, academic or customer service.

When loaded, WhiteSmoke lies in the background. You type your text eg, in an email message, press a function key and within seconds, your text is analysed and appears in a pop-up window with parts of interest colour coded so you know what has been found and how to correct it.

As far as software goes, this product is value for money for anyone wanting to improve their English expression and produce flawless documents. Why not download a free trial copy of WhiteSmoke now and see what I mean?


PS: Why spend time proofreading and editing when you can get software that does it in a flash?

WhiteSmoke 2011 English Language Solutions

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