Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are Your Business Quotations Successful?

Throughout the years I've written and assessed thousands of quotations, usually for large cost training activities. The requests for quotation I have sent others have had a high success rate (Yes, I'm blowing my trumpet here). The quotations I have received from others and had to assess, have demonstrated a range of standards, many being very poor.

Some of the responses I have received in relation to requests for quotation or tender look as though they had been thrown together by an amateur with no real expectation that the submitter would win the tender. Some were outlandishly over-priced, which sent the signal that, "Hey, we have plenty of work, but if you are stupid enough to pay us so many squillions of dollars, we'll make time to do your piddling project."

The main reason responses I sent were successful is that they were well presented, sensibly costed, and answered all of the questions asked of the advertising organisation.

There's little point in spending the time and effort to do a half-hearted job, even if you are responding to a request for tender with low expectations of winning. After all, your submission says something about you and your company which will be remembered next time when perhaps, you feel you are in with a chance.

To help those of you who either call tenders and assess them, or respond to other advertisements, I've written a small ebook (5 pp) which you can download from my link or the graphic above. I hope you take the time to read it. As usual, feedback is always appreciated.



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