Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making Money on Autopilot

While there are numerous ways to make money, the best by far is to make money on autopilot. That's why rock stars are wealthy; they produce a CD or DVD and then it rolls out into the marketplace and every time their product is sold, they get a commission. Others do the selling. Authors are in the same category.

My sales of ebooks have increased recently and it's all done on autopilot. I spend a few hours building site pages, do a little advertising and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. At any time of the day or night, customers can buy products I have produced and  also download products from my partner sites.

For example, yesterday I used my Internet Marketing Software to knock up a two page Golf Ebooks sales folder on my main corporate site. I will be producing dozens more in the near future, each of which will have popular ebooks in one topic.

Each discrete group of pages is search engine optimized so it attracts people who use the keywords in their searches. People visit the pages and some visitors buy. Another email arrives in my inbox with the message, "You've Got a Sale!" ... or words to that effect.

It's just after 8 am as I write this and already I've sold two copies of my ebook "Writing Responses to Selection Criteria" for a measly $9 per copy. (I put the price down because it needs updating, but it usually sold for up to $25). I may or may not make more sales today, but remember, that's only ONE ebook. I have links to hundreds, if not thousands.

While I don't sell thousands of ebooks a day, I make a steady trickle of income which is increasing as I fine tune and add additional pages to my sites. 

Recently, a guy called Dan Brock hit upon the idea of optimizing sites for sales of online products and then selling those sites to affiliates. For a small fee at Deadbeat Millionaire, you can obtain numbers of sites to download that are already built and optimized to sell. All sales go to you. It's an easier way to get started if you aren't up to date with website building.

I've bought into Dan Brock's site and will add his sites to those from which I'm already making money. I'll be able to see whose methods are superior.


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