Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping up with trends - Coffee Shop Millionaire

Any business that doesn't keep up with trends, especially those in marketing and attracting customers, is doomed by loss of profits and eventual failure. While the trend followers pick up what is currently great for profit, the ignorant are left behind.

To that end, I'm always learning about new approaches, new initiatives, and changing some of my business offerings to suit. For example, I'm modifying my consultancy offers to include helping clients get set up with Google Places and Mobile and you'll hear more about that later. Also, I'm taking time to learn some new strategies from a guy called the "Coffee Shop Millionaire" which, in three words captures the whole concept of online businesses.

Although I've been engaged in online business since 1998, I still do occasional study to find out what's new. By joining the Coffee Cup Millionaire, I'm revising some things I already know and am also picking up some new clues. It's amazing how you can always learn something, even when you think you know it all.

The Coffee Cup Millionaire provides dozens of resources to help people set up their own money making online empires without having to do all the hard work. I wish I had access to the Coffee Cup Millionaire when I was starting out ... I'd have been sitting in McDonalds with my laptop earning income and sucking on a flat white, years earlier than now.

If you want to start up an online income stream, check out Coffee Cup Millionaire and see whether there is something in it for you.


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