Sunday, October 25, 2009

Learn How to Design and Build Web Sites

In the early days of website designing, designers had to have a sound knowledge of HTML coding and know something of Javascript, graphics, design rules, and much more. It wasn't the type of job that anyone could just pick up without years of study and experience. The good news is that's all changed.

There is now software that will do most of the website design work for you. Not only that, it's so good that at the click of a button you can ad Ad Sense ad capability, shopping carts, affiliate links and much more.

It comes with hundreds of attractive, practical templates you can select and work with. Everything is automatic ... all you have to provide is the text and graphics. How easy is that?

You could pick up the world's best Internet site management program, download it to your desktop and begin producing mediocre sites within a couple of hours. By the end of the first week you'd be producing amazing sites. In fact, you can produce sales pages within minutes and have them online and earning money while you wait for dinner to cook. That's no exaggeration ... it's that easy.

You can do even better than that. You could buy the Complete Guide to Website Building and become an overnight expert; not just a great site designer, but an expert.

Imagine ...

You wake up one morning and have a terrific idea for a new online business.

You grab a notebook and pen and take yourself off to your favorite cafe, order yourself a skinny latte and take a seat in the corner.

You take out your notebook and start to map out the website for your new business. Within just a few minutes things are starting to take shape and you can feel your heart racing with excitement.

Even before your coffee has cooled down enough for you to drink it, you know that your germ of an idea has great potential and you know just what you need to do to make it a reality.

You take a sip of your coffee and make a list of exactly what research you need to undertake, and then you move onto fleshing out the website itself.

Your head is swimming with great ideas for the kind of content you can include, the web pages you’ll need and the mechanisms that you’ll want to include for capturing e-mail addresses and processing payments.

Before taking the last sip of your latte you know you’re onto a surefire winner and you know just what you need to do to maximize the chances of success.

You put your notebook back in your pocket, walk back to the car, and drive home with that wonderfully exciting feeling that comes with knowing that you’re making amazing progress. Where once there was a lack of confidence and nervousness about what needed to be done, there is now the calmness that comes from knowing that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to bring your idea to life.

If you have ever wanted to be a website design specialist, today is the best time ever to do it. You can have the tools and the knowledge within days. All you need then is to get to work. And here's a tip. If I was starting this type of business, I'd go through the telephone book and get the details of every firm that doesn't have a website. I'd contact them and convince them that nobody in business can afford not to have a website advertising their products or services 24/7. How much work do you think I'd pick up at a couple of thousand dollars per hit?

If you want a career in website design, today is the best day to start. Check out the Complete Guide to Website Building now. (Get in early for a discount)



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