Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can You Make Money from $7 Reports?

When you see a headline like "Can You Make Money from $7 Reports?", the first thing you think is. "Seven dollars is nothing ... how could you ever make money selling something for $7?"

You are right to be skeptical.

However, the truth is, you can make serious money from selling a product at $7. It's all to do with demand and volume.

There are essentially two positions in the market:
  1. High selling price, few sales. Sell something for a high price in which case the Law of Supply and Demand will dictate low volume sales (you know, the higher the cost, the lower the demand and vice versa?)
  2. Low selling price, many sales.

Usually, high cost products need to have a larger profit margin than a low cost product. There is also less work involved in the administration of high cost items. Here's an example: if you had an option to sell 10 motor vehicles to make $50,000 profit or five motor vehicles, anyone with half a brain would sell five. Why? Because it's half the effort for the same profit.

Not exactly rocket science is it? Selling $7 reports is quite different from the norm. Here's why"

  1. After you write the report, your costs of sale are almost non-existent ... almost all the $7 is profit (you pay a small fee for your transaction merchant)
  2. Few people will worry about spending $7 whereas many cannot afford or won't take the risk to spend $25 or more (the higher the price, the greater the risk and uncertainty of potential loss)

Because people will risk a low amount like $7, you can sell a large volume. Say you sold just 10 per day, that's $70 or $490 per week. You can see how this all adds up.

Does this sound like a workable proposition to you?

If so, get yourself a copy of the $7 Secrets Report right now and discover how easy it is to sell $7 reports to almost anyone.


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