Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keeping Your PCs Running Got a Whole Lot Easier


You know how it is. Your PC begins to run slower and slower. The dreaded Windows "Blue Screen" pops up occasionally, you have to reboot, you lose your work and you spend hours trying to find the problem. Eventually, when you can't find a fix yourself, you call a computer technician.

You wish he could fix it all in an hour, but it takes three. Three hundred dollars later and your computer is up and running again ... until next time.

If you have a whole office full of computers this can cost you a fortune in lost productivity and cold, hard cash over a 12 month period.

Now, there's a workable, cost-effective solution.

You can have your PC hard disk reimaged online without adversely affecting your valuable data and without the high cost of hiring a technician.

The reimaging process scans your PC (or laptop), determines what needs repair, fixes it and gets it going again as good as new. All within minutes and not hours. All online.

Why not scan your computer now (Windows XP only at present) and see how the system works? You'll be amazed and impressed? This is innovative technology at its best.


Benefits of reimaging on demand include:

  1. You can get to work immediately you discover a PC is not functioning properly
  2. It's very cost effective (amazingly inexpensive really)
  3. Your down time from dysfunctional computer systems will be reduced
  4. You don't have to wait for a technician who may or may not find the problem

The reimaging function works every time, so it's not a hit or miss approach.

If you haven't tried a free scan, give it a run now and see what happens.


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