Monday, May 4, 2009

Are You Making the Most of Your Email System?

I'm always surprised at how poorly many large organisations use their email capacity.

Many emails I receive are poorly formatted and rarely take the opportunity to lead me to a sales opportunity. When I email a sales or help line, I usually receive an automated response advising that a full response to my email will be provided within three days.

Three days is far too long. Someone with a problem wants it solved now ... today, not in three days. Unless of course, it's not urgent, but when I email help lines, only a few companies asked me to rate the degree of urgency.

It's okay, in fact, it's essential to have automated responses to calls for help. However, instead of stating that someone will look into the problem and advise you in three days, why not offer a link to an FAQ page or include in the email details of common questions people have and hope that they will be able to answer the emailer's query?

Why not place a small advert in the email?

Why not offer a link to articles about the firm's products or services?

Every email you send should have an option to make money, otherwise it's a lost opportunity.

Think about how you are using your email system and whether it could be increasing your business income earning activities. You'll probably be able to identify a few lost opportunities. If you can't give me a call on +61 8 89520786 and I'll take a look for you.


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