Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Government Funding Proposals: How Good is Your Hit Rate?

Are you earning some or all of your income from government funding? If so, how good is your hit rate?

When I ran the business and computing department of a large college, I developed a reputation for winning government tenders. It was largely due to the fact that I: attended to detail, provided the funding department the information they wanted in a way they could read it, maintained a good working relationship with funding bodies, and followed up on the few programs I didn't win to find out how I could have done better

My colleagues thought I had some secret formula. But, I didn't. Instead of trotting out the same old pre-formatted proposal that had been submitted year in and year out, I devised an alternative, improved version. I always changed it to suit an individual request for tender or proposal and frequently demonstrated how I could provide additional value for money.

If your hit rate is less than it should be, maybe you need help. I can review your unsuccessful proposals and tell you if and how you could have improved them. Why not contact me today?


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