Monday, April 20, 2009

Complying With Best Practice for E-Commerce

Does your Internet site exhibit Best Practice? You have no idea what best practice is for Internet sites or whether your site exhibits it?

Obviously best practice can be a subjective topic with different interpretations from country to country. The Australian Government has issued "Australian Guidelines for E-Commerce" that cover best practice for Australian Internet sites and includes sites with an Australian clientele.

Several of the guidelines relate to legal requirements in Australia eg, regarding disabled users and privacy and not misleading in advertising. There are other topics such as providing your contact details on your sites that are also included.

If you have an Australian site, it's a great plug for your business to be able to show that you meet Australian e-commerce best practice requirements.

One of the services I provide at Desert Wave Enterprises is reviewing sites and advising clients whether they are meeting best practice requirements and complying with privacy and disability legislation. For a small investment, you can improve your image and know that you won't run foul of the Australian Government's legal system.

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