Monday, January 5, 2009

Incredibly Simple, Sensible Ideas

There are always people coming up with simple, sensible ideas and I wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Some bright spark came up with the idea of a sans-serif font that has blank circles in it, which will reduce ink use.
When the typeface is enlarged, you can see the blank spot circles easily, which can become a new design feature.
When the font is used at normal sizes, however, you can't see the blank circles (now dots) and the total amount of ink used is reduced by about 20%.
Now, I'm not that poor that I have to worry about a few hundred bucks each year for laser cartridge replacements.
But if I had a huge company that pumped out thousands of reams of paper per day, like a bank or mortgage company, use of this font over a 12 month period could save some serious hoot.
So, here's a simple idea that sounds less outlandish as you think about it.
What do you think? Would you give this font a run in your firm? Tell us what you think.

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