Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Internet Marketing Newsletter Wins Applaud

Among a web full of free ebooks, newsletters, ezines, blogs and numerous other information sources, every now and then a real gem appears. Not the usual run of the mill mediocre hype that has been trotted out year in and year out ad nauseum.

The "Internet Marketing Newsletter" by Internet supremo Armand Morin and his team is such a gem. Unlike many of the top notch newsletters for which you are asked to pay sums like $90 per issue, Armand's is free and he has no intention of charging for it.

If you are involved in Internet marketing at any level, the Internet Marketing Newsletter is a gem you can't afford to do without. It's free and there is absolutely no obligation. And some of the most astute business people on the planet will provide you with advice on how to improve your business.

Can you afford to miss this opportunity? If not, read more about it and sign up here.


PS: I signed up and was very impressed with the first edition. See what you think.

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