Thursday, December 11, 2008

Helping Businesses Succeed ... What Does That Mean?

Most organisations have a tag line that states what they do. It should be short, crisp and succinct, but do we always know exactly what they mean?. Maybe not.

My tag line for Desert Wave Enterprises is:

Robin helps businesses succeed through applying smart software, winning communication practices and timely information.

Just what does that mean?

There's three parts. "applying smart software" means that I sell a range of software that will help you improve your business (or personal) performance. This software includes email automation and management software to alleviate the number one time waster in firms ... email. Also, I sell link management software so you can manage your link management program to increase site traffic. Then there's anti-spam software, and ... I think you get the drift.

The second part "winning communication practices" means that I can fix up your letters, design your communication strategy, set up autoresponders in your email system, and do other communication tasks that will improve your relationship with your clients or increase sales. For example, a firm that wants a weekly blog entry for its site but hasn't got time to write it can hire me to do that. Alternatively, you can send me your letter templates and I'll check grammar, spelling, format and let you know if they could be improved.

Last is "timely information". I sell a number of ebooks that provide just-in-time information eg, if you need to do a training needs assessment of your firm and don't know how to do it, my ebook sets it all out simply. An increasing number of ebooks will hit the shelves in the new year.

So, there you have it. Everything I do (well almost) is expressed in one sentence.

Why not let us know what your tag line is and have an opportunity to promote your business? Comment today.


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