Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming Soon to DWAVE

As I do every year, I have been reviewing my strategic plan for the year ahead and making some adjustments here and there. It's a good opportunity to think about where you have been, where you are going and if where you are going is where you want to go ... if that makes sense. (If it doesn't, read it again and again until it does!)

One area of opportunity I think I have identified is the large number of small and micro businesses that don't have an Internet site. I've come up with a very low cost solution for which I'm currently working on sales pages, example sites and so on. In mid-January I intend to launch it. I don't want to give any more away now, but it's an excellent solution for businesses that want an Internet presence but can't afford, or don't want to pay huge amounts.

I've got a couple of additional ebooks to write to fill niches where I believe there is an unmet demand. I've mentioned them in my plan.

Also, I dabble in different ways to earn passive income and have found that MLM has been superseded by GPT ... Get Paid Today. I never did have a lot of faith in MLM. I know that some people have done very well with it, usually the early adopters who create program after program and suck up the money of those unfortunates below who keep feeding them and make nothing.

Well, I found that the new breed of network marketer wants immediate income, not to have to pay out for years realising a loss before starting to make a small trickle. People are impatient. A smart cookie has devised a GPT program where someone else pays your $47 joining fee and then you pay your first downline member's fee. It comes with a swag of ebooks, software and you have to subscribe to a $10 per month arrangement that covers the cost of the resaleable ebooks and software ... you get private label rights.

If you have tried MLM and failed (or even if you are making millions selling weight loss products or special miracle drinks), you could listen to the video that explains it all much better than I do.
You'll find it if you click on the banner below this post.

I've joined up, mainly for the ebook and software downloads because I can resell them. If you sign up from here, I'll pay your $47 joining fee.

Some other things I have in my new plan involve cleaning up some of my sites, more aggressive advertising campaigns etc.

I'm looking forward to a profitable and interesting 2009 and feel more confident with a strategy to guide my daily work and long term efforts.


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