Monday, November 17, 2008

Business Tip: Put Your Contact Details On Everything

So, you've got your name plastered all over your business. Everyone who walks by knows who you are and what you do. Your logo is part of your branding. That's great, but how good is your paperwork?

Recently I received some forms from an accounting firm that I had to complete and send back by courier. After I'd completed the forms I had to address the courier bag ... guess what? There wasn't an address to be seen anywhere.

I got into Google and entered a search term and within seconds details of the accounting firm appeared. (I love Google!). The problem was, there were three addresses for the same firm in the same city. Hmmm. "Do I just pick one and let the courier company work out if it's the right one", I thought. No. So I picked a telephone number from the two shown and a lovely lady answered. She'd taken over the number of the business some months ago, she said, but had no idea where the business was now located.

Next I tried the Internet URL shown in one of the adverts. No luck, I got a template page with no details entered. So, I tried another number and got the firm's receptionist. She told me the new address and I addressed my parcel.

What are my business efficiency tips for this post? You guessed it, there are three: (Did you really guess all three or am I just guessing that you guessed?)
  1. Make sure that any documents used outside the business, especially those likely to be returned, include your postal and street address and other contact details (how hard can that be?)
  2. If you have your contact details posted in different listings and change your address, change the details in the listings too
  3. If your firm has a URL in the firm's name and you haven't yet set up your Internet site, at least put some contact details on the bloody home page

Being found is business. Business is money. How in God's name do people find you if they don't know where you are and what your contact details are?

Don't let your business down by not being found. Unless you are the only one of your kind in town, potential clients will just find someone else.


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