Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Key Joint Venture Secret

Have you ever had anything to do with joint ventures? You're not really sure what a joint venture is? Perhaps you think it's only the big guys who get involved in JVs.

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A JV is when two or more people or companies join together to pursue common interests. For example, the Red Arrows (Royal Air Force aerobatic team pictured at left) has seven or eight pilots whose JV is to provide visually appealing and safe flying.

JVs often create synergy ie, a combined result, the sum of which is greater than the individual efforts of all the people involved.

(You may have to read that a couple of times if you aren't familiar with the word)

So, now that we know what JVs are, you'll want to know what the Key Secret is. Here it is. The key secret is (drum roll) that, JVs can be very, very inexpensive. Which in turn means that they are an excellent way to earn income, promote your business etc without huge costs.

Let me give you an example:

I have a hairdressing shop and you have a shoe shop. I offer your clients a
5% discount on any hairdressing at my shop and you offer a 5% discount
on shoes to my clients. In either case a client just has to produce a sales
voucher to take up the offer. When someone gets a haircut I stamp their sales
voucher with the offer and tell them about it ... and vice-versa. We
both get more customers.

Would you like to give it a try?

I'm looking for a JV partner who sends out large numbers of monthly statements or products who can include an advertising flier in their product or envelopes. Each partner will have a unique partner identification number and get at least a 50% commission on every item sold.

If you are interested in a joint venture with Desert Wave Enterprises, please let me know and we'll explore what might work for both of us.


PS: Remember the dictum, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"

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