Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Organising for Efficiency

Whatever you do, wherever you work, it's essential to be organised if you are to work efficiently.

Some people are natural organisers (my wife is one). They are able to organise without a lot of effort. Others are not as readily organised and therefore need to make a conscious effort.

One of my key attributes is that I'm organised. I doubt whether it has come as a gift from the gods like it has with others, but I began getting organised when I was studying Introduction to Management more than 30 years ago.

One of the first rules I learnt from the course was that good managers, "plan and organise to avoid crises". That made sense to me and I've followed that dictum ever since.

Today I use four things to keep organised:

  1. A computer-based calendar that pops-up messages to tell me when things are due eg, bills
  2. A Gantt chart (created using MS Excel) that shows me the hours of the day for every day of the week and what I should be focusing on during different times
  3. Task Planner which is a piece of paper on which I jot down my priorities for the day
  4. A filing system that is easy to use

Other people use such things as the online GDAgenda software. See http://www.gtdagenda.com/ for further details.

It doesn't matter what you use or how you use it, provided it works for you. However, the first step to success is to be organised.


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