Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Capability Statement


I spent a few hours yesterday updating/refreshing our Capability Statement which is designed as an A4, two-fold brochure intended to be delivered in an envelope by snail mail.

The PDF version is online, but some of the site links in the brochure don't work yet because I'm still writing the HTML pages.

In June-July this year I end my contract in the United Arab Emirates and return to Central Australia where I will be again consulting and selling goods and services via my online businesses. (If you know of anyone who needs my consulting services, please send them to my site.)

If you don't know what a capability statement is or your firm hasn't got one yet, hop across to Ezinearticles.Com to read my article titled: What? You Haven't Got a Capability Statement?

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PS: Did you pick up your gift yet? Time is running out.

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