Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Employment One Site Redesign


Every now and then one has to sit back, preferably have a cold beer or glass of Australian red wine and mentally review his business or career aspirations. That's what I've been doing lately, thinking about the future of my Internet businesses.

I've decided to take a new direction after I return to Australia from the Middle East in June this year. Since 1998 I've been providing consulting services and selling affiliate stuff and a few ebooks of my own. It's been good fun and I've made quite a bit of moolah (Australian for money) from it. But I need to do something different now.

From now on I'm focusing on my Employment One site at http://www.employment-one.com which is a portal for job seekers, recruitment agents and anyone else interested in employment and the employment market in Australia and elsewhere.

I've established a new blog at http://jobapplication.wordpress.com and will shortly move that to the E1 site. You see, I like writing more than just about anything else (keep your mind above the belt!) and, after 46 years in the workforce, I believe I have a lot to give back to the younger generation of career seekers.

The blog will become the centre of Employment One and I'll provide articles, links to employment-related sites in the public and private sectors and as much as I can beavering away about four hours per day, five days per week.

Today I need your help to decide which home page design is the best. If you have time, please visit each of the following sites and let me know in the comments which site you prefer and why,

Site1; http://www.employment-one.com

Site2; http://www.dwave.com.au/employment_one/template_page.html

Your feedback will help me a great deal.

Best wishes


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