Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pay Per Click is Dying ... Pay Per Page is Being Born

Are you an astute Internet marketer who has been laboriously adding AdSense ads to all of your site pages, hoping that a small percentage of your site visitors will click and make you money? Perhaps you include a few affiliate banners and advertisements for your own products too ... like me.

AdSense and affiliate selling have been, and are still popular and many people claim to make excellent livelihoods from them. I've been selling other people's stuff online since 1998 and have generated thousands of dollars income. My AdSense account provides a regular income, but nothing to write here about.

For those who might not be familiar with AdSense, it's a Google program whereby you place Google advertisements aligned with your sites topic on your pages and, when people click on them, you earn Pay Per Click income.

Unfortunately, we Internet marketers cannot set up an income stream and sit back and just wait for it to continue earning income day after day. If for no other reason, the economic law of diminishing returns suggests that eventually we'll reach an income peak and then our income will begin to drop off. When there are millions of html pages in cyberspace with AdSense adverts, the number of total clicks is distributed among a greater number of AdSense clients and therefore, many people get a little bit of income rather than a few people getting a huge income. (There are of course exceptions)

So, what's the solution?

The solution is to diversify and be an early adopter of new technology and methods. By diversifying we can have some small assurance that while some income generating activities are running poorly, others will keep us going. By adopting new technology, we get in early on the first wave of interest from consumers.

In some cases, where a multi-level marketing approach is used (unlike with AdSense), it's possible to set up a comfortable residual income that continues flowing in well after the trend has become obsolete or less popular.

The newly emerging marketing technique called Pay Per Page (PPP) is tomorrow's trend and an interesting change from Pay Per Click that requires a conscious action on behalf of a site visitor.

With PPP people only have to visit a page for five seconds for site owners to earn money.
How does this work? Simple, website owners place a piece of Javascript on their pages and when someone visits a five second audio advertisement occurs.

The audio is only heard once by a visitor. Unlike PPC, PPP does not require a visitor to do anything. A commission is paid for every visitor. Can you see how superior this method is to PPC where only a small percentage of people who visit click on an advertisement?

Another distinct benefit for early adopters is that this program, commencing soon, has a multi-tier payment structure whereby adopters can also receive a part commission based on what their sign-ups earn. Like all multi-level-marketing programs, if you get in on the ground floor, work hard to sign-up a few hundred people, you can generate some healthy income. There are literally thousands of exemplars pointing at the success of this type business model.

Needless to say, this evolving model will eventually succumb to the laws of diminishing returns too, but those of us who are early adopters will have a nice period of high earnings until the next whizz-bang marketing method arrives.

To learn more about PPP, click
here or on the link above.

To your success.

Robin Henry

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