Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Gurus and Software

Every few weeks someone emails me and asks what software I use to run my online business and whether I could recommend some Internet marketing gurus from whom they can learn the fine details of marketing.

I thought that over the next few issues I'd answer those questions, beginning today with software.

My software collection is quite extensive as I'm into automation. For example, I have software that will "mine" articles of particular topics so that I can build article sites. One program I have enables me to write an article and send it to hundreds of article sites. But perhaps the best piece of software I have is my Internet Marketing site management software, which I'll discuss briefly today.

This software is called XsitePro Total Site Management Software and it is truly remarkable. It enables me to create a template for as many sites as I want and then produce dozens of pages all based on the template. Best of all, I can store such things as affiliate links, Google AdSense code etc, and then place them anywhere I like on my pages with just a few clicks. I can create pop-ups, pop-overs or unders very easily and when I have finished a page I can analyze it to see if it is search engine optimized.

XsitePro is a truly remarkable piece of software that is useful for all types of HTML page production, not just for Internet marketers. It saves me hundreds of hours of work in comparison with Dreamweaver, which I had been using since it first showed up on the market many years ago.

To read a review I wrote in 2005 about XsitePro, please click here.

To see a video about XsitePro and learn more about it, please click here.

Next week I'll discuss another piece of software I can't live without as I run my online business empire. Until then, stay well.

Robin Henry

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