Saturday, September 29, 2007

Article Miner to "Mine" Articles


Today's blog is about a very useful software program I use called "Article Miner".

Article Miner allows me to pick a keyword eg, "languages" and to download hundreds or thousands of articles that fit that keyword.

These are articles whose authors allow them to be used freely on the Internet or in emails etc.

I'm one of these authors too, with articles at Ezinearticles and hundreds of other free articles sites across the Internet. (See my articles at

Why does anyone want to download hundreds or thousands of articles?

Good question. It's for several reasons: to provide a source of relevant information for our site visitors, to increase the number of pages that link back to one's site and to make AdSense income. Each article takes up one page on your site. Each page has a link to your site (which helps search engines find you) and also has up to three sections of AdSense advertisements that earn you money if and when someone clicks on them. Some people make their whole livelihood from AdSense income ... so I am told. I'm not one of them, but I still earn a decent amount annually from AdSense ads.

So, you use Article Miner or a software utility like Article Miner to download articles for your niche market. Then you format them for your site, add AdSense adverts and then transfer them to your Internet site.

Here are some examples of my sites with downloaded articles:

It's another strategy Internet marketers use to generate traffic and from that traffic revenue. In my businesses it's becoming an increasingly useful tool and it is made easier using XsitePro which I mentioned in my previous blog because XsitePro allows me to import the articles, format them like my site AND automatically place the AdSense adverts, all within around 15-20 minutes.

To your success.


PS: Next issue I'll tell you how I automatically distribute my articles to hundreds of free article sites.

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