Saturday, January 27, 2007

2007 Starts Well for Desert Wave Enterprises


2007 has got off to a good start and our new business Download-Audios.Com is getting a few more customers every day and generating an increasing income.

As it's the beginning of our calendar year, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you some of the free downloads that are available on our site. There's some really good stuff there and there is also something for everyone. Take a look at this list and see what you'd like to grab while you have the chance.

The Shocking Truth About Action

How and why almost everything you've been taught about how to get what
you want in life is stonewalling your success ... by Dr Robert Anthony.

The Affiliate Masters Course

This course, by Ken Evoy, President of, is an intensive 10-DAY
course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.

Sending Confidential Email Messages

Explains why and how to use BCC to send confidential email messages.

15 Powerful Ways CBMall Makes You Money

How to make money using Clickbank digital products and CBMall.

Good Career Moves: Planning Your Next Promotion

How to plan and execute your next promotion. Very useful advice from a
human resources specialist.

How to Use the World Wide Web to Leverage Your Local Business

Another of Dr Ken Evoy's remarkably sensible papers that tells exactly
how to leverage your local business.

Greatest Money Making Secret in History

By Dr Joe Vitale. Reveals the one major secret to success including making
money that has been handed down through the millenia.

Jobsearch Handbook (NEW!)

As the name suggests, this book reveals all the secrets about how to seek
for and find a job of your dreams.

Link Popularity Checker (Software EXE File)

Simply enter the URL of your site and click to find out how popular your
site is with other sites. This is an excellent piece of software.

Save Valuable Time: Automate Your Email

This popular ebook has been one of our most frequently downloaded titles.
It does as the name suggests.

Your Successful Marketing Strategy

Some ideas about how you can improve your marketing strategy.

How To Get a Massive Discount Buying Ebooks and Other Information Products

Once you have read this you will never pay full price for an ebook or
information product again.

Writing Success Secrets

By Shaun Fawcett. This title is full of practical tips and tricks for
everyday writing. This is an excellent publication that will benefit almost
everyone who puts pen to paper.

To your every success

Robin Henry
Desert Wave Enterprises